The Community Education and Workforce Development program at 澳门资料库 provides career development and personal enrichment opportunities for community members to gain the skills and knowledge for their individual goals.

Community Education and Workforce Development courses are non-credit and non-degree seeking. Students who take Community Education and Workforce Development classes do not need to be enrolled as a credit-earning student at 澳门资料库 and typically do not apply for financial aid. Community Education and Workforce Development courses are short-term, specialized and customizable.

澳门资料库 Community Education

Community Education courses are designed to fulfill personal aspirations for self-development and improvement in personal enrichment, creative expression or social interaction. Community Education is aimed at fulfilling lives while contributing to the betterment of the local and surrounding communities.

澳门资料库 Workforce Development

Workforce Development courses can be for employers who want to upskill, reskill or train their team in a certain field. Workforce Development is also for individuals who want to enhance their professional development skills within their current occupation or become enrolled in a class to immerse themselves in an area that they want to explore professionally.

For Employers

If you want to train your team in a certain field or enhance their skills to stay competitive in today’s workforce industry, please contact our office to schedule a meeting and discuss the options to provide a customized training for your business needs.

Instructors Wanted

澳门资料库 Community Education and Workforce Development is recruiting for instructors who have the experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to teach a class so students can become certified. If you wish to share your knowledge and train others, please contact our office.


To register for Community Education courses, please submit a completed Community Education Registration Form





Ashlee Velasquez
Sr. Operations Manager/Director of Workforce Development
(505) 863-7634
Location: Calvin Hall Center room 167D

Denise Silva
Coord, Education Support
(505) 863-7738
Location: Calvin Hall Center room 167

If you are seeking job matching services and employment resources, or contact the Gallup New Mexico Workforce Connection Center at 505-863-8181.