Lolly Butter is a 100% all natural skin care product designed to nourish your skin no matter how many years you have been wearing it. 

Why Lolly Butter?

My grandson calls me Lolly.  Teddy’s my favorite grandson; he's actually my only grandson, but he's my favorite.


At 18 months, he had a cold and with it, a sore nose with which he could have led Santa’s reindeer.  So I gently rubbed my homemade balm on his nose.  And he loved it!  


Soon he came to me pointing at his nose to ask for more.  Then I tried rubbing him down with it after his bath.  Sensitive skin, itchy tushy, no more!  


I love Teddy, and some of that love goes into every tin of Lolly Butter.

How did I get here?

In my almost 20 years as a massage therapist, I have used multiple lotions and oils on my clients.  Finally, I decided to make my own, and Lolly Butter was born. 

Teddy Pot on Head (for Hexagon - 9.4 x 8

Why do I do it?

I believe that we all want to feel loved.  This balm is literally handmade, in small batches, with care and love.


My hope is that when you use Lolly Butter, you will feel loved and cared for, the way Teddy and my clients feel.


I believe that there is a space for you in this world because you are human.


Be you.  Inhabit your skin.