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3 Alternative Uses for Lolly Butter

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It’s a new year and a fresh start and perhaps it’s a good time to let you know what Lolly Butter can do. Perhaps for you.

Having been designed for skin, Lolly Butter is, of course, great for skin. It’s what most of us use it for—dry skin. Even I use it regularly after my bath because I suffer from the dry skin of menopause. It takes away that itch and keeps me from wanting to jump out of my skin from discomfort!

But it can be used for more than dry skin.

I have clients who have found it helps with their eczema. Some use it exclusively on their faces because it is so gentle. But what else? More than skin perhaps.

1. Dry hair. My sister uses Lolly Butter on her hair after her shower. She first puts some on her skin and then she will rub her fingers still lightly coated with Lolly Butter through her hair to tame that dandelion look that she acquires when her hair dries. (She told me I could tell you this so I’m not revealing a beauty secret of hers.)

2. Cracked heels. Although this is technically a skin problem, you might not think of your feet when you think of skin. A friend of mine has tried all sorts of products for his heels which are persistently cracking. He has found that a regular application of Lolly Butter does the trick!

3. Lubricant for sex. Yes, that’s right. I have it on good authority that Lolly Butter is a good lube. Its all-natural content makes it non-toxic and easy to use. (I will refrain from naming names here but my sources are trustworthy.)

Want to only use it for your skin? Go for it. It is the best. But if you are looking for something a little different—well, try something new.

As always, blessings to you all in this late winter season.

Sending you love,

Lolly xo

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