A Balancing Act

January is always about beginnings. New plans. New resolutions. The turning over of a new leaf. My friends have a tradition of making portzelke on New Year’s Day—fried dough that “turns over” when it is done on one side. Dipped in sugar, of course, after they have cooled enough to eat hot and steaming.

And so, one year ends and another begins.

As time passes, our bodies mostly just plug along. They don’t start over every year unless we stick to our resolution to work out regularly or change our lifestyle to something more healthy. They tend to diminish over time even in spite of our best intentions. We have all experienced it.

Although our cells are always, always replacing themselves (thank goodness), the replacements are not quite up to the standard of the old cells. As a general rule. That’s why young people don’t look like old people.

We often talk about a balanced life but we almost never talk about physical balance. So today, I’d like to do that.

Balance, the ability to stand on one foot say, is vital to one’s ability to stay upright and stable. We stand on one foot every time we take a step—that time between when we lift one foot to move it forward to the next step. And if we can’t balance well, we aren’t very stable. And not being stable, leads to falling.

If you are young, you might be thinking, who cares? I’m not that old.

Balance deteriorates surprisingly quickly. Can you stand on one foot for a minute? Can you stand on one foot while you put your sock on? Check it out. You might surprise yourself. If you can’t, you might consider practicing balancing. Yes, I did say practice. It sounds weird, right?

But so important.

It’s a small thing. But vital to ongoing health. Instability has unintended consequences. Small things are so often so very important.

So, in these days when we are all trying to maintain our equilibrium, try putting your physical balance in the mix. Practice it. Be strong. Be wise.

Blessings in this new year.


Lolly xo

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