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Flight Path to Gratitude

I thought I would lose my mind. The 15th airplane had flown low enough over my house in the past 3 hours to rattle windows ever so slightly. And here came another one. This was the 24th day. The airport 10 miles from my house had recently opened a new runway and now my house was directly in the flight path of said new runway. The occasional airplane going overhead had turned into a non stop deluge of airplanes. I told my husband we had to move;

that this was intolerable.

But we didn’t move. I decided that every time I noticed an airplane, I would think of something for which I was grateful. Sometimes I would get half way through the afternoon and find myself running out of things to add to the list. Really?! I would think, I have to think of something ELSE to be grateful for? It became a form of spiritual discipline.

Daily finding many things to give thanks for, however, changed my life.

I began to notice how abundant my life is; it is filled with people who support me. I hadn’t given this much thought before the airplanes appeared. I thought that I pretty much did most things on my own—with my will power, my resources, and my capacities. Whatever I had achieved in life was the result of my own hard work.

But that isn’t really true. Lots of people work really hard and are barely scraping by—economically, socially, spiritually. So I couldn’t really say that all my hard work brought about all the good in my life. I discovered that I am rich in community. I am rich in relationship. I am rich in purpose of life.

These riches are not because I worked hard. They are a blessing.

In this time of the pandemic when work is scarce, relationships are distant, if not actually fractured, I notice again the people who sustain me. The people who buy Lolly Butter and support this business. The folks at FairTale Ghana who provide Lolly Butter with excellent shea butter. The folks at Dadant & Sons who provide the excellent beeswax that is in Lolly Butter. On one hand, Lolly Butter is just a product but on the other hand, it is a web of people who are supporting each other.

Which brings me to you. You are part of this web; part of my riches because you are part of this world. Blessings to you in these difficult days, I give thanks for you.


Lolly xo

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