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Here's to life! Happy Birthday.

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Happy Birthday to me. I’ll be 57 this month. I thought I’d been 57 for about 6 months

now so you could say that I’m in a time warp where I’ll be 57 for a year and a half.

When I was young, time dragged. Now, not so much. When I was 10 or so, my

mother told me that we would be leaving to run errands in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!

You might as well have told me that we were leaving next week. Have you ever sat

and watched a clock tick around 30 minutes? I have. It takes about 2 years. Now, 30

minutes is nothing. I can go on my computer to check my email and 30 minutes

takes a breath.

Time is slipping away. Slowly or quickly depending on your point of view. Work full

time and time flies. Be young or unemployed and you might have a different

experience. And things are changing in that time slippage. We age whether we want

to (yay, I’m finally 18. Or 21) or not (how did I get to be 60?) We lose things along

the way. First love. Maybe second love. Parents. Maybe children. Energy. Possibly

hope. And we gain things. An apartment of our own. Community. Friends. If we are

lucky, new inclusive laws. Lessening of oppression. And if we are really blessed, a

sense of our worth and value.

But it all changes. What is life but change? At the most basic level, our cells continue to grow and that requires change. To not change is to die.

We say happy birthday casually. Balloons. Cake. Candles. But really it is about life. Gratitude for life. Thank goodness you were born. I’m so glad that you are still here. Congratulations on surviving this many years. It is really something to make it through another year because every year is filled, chock a block filled with emotions and events and people and change. With hope and despair, with joy and sorrow. And we persevere. Every year. We go on. Happy birthday isn’t something to be taken for granted. It isn’t really casual and balloons. It is the recognition of change. Of growth. Of ongoing life.

So happy birthday to all of you! I’m glad you were born. I’m grateful you are still

here. Congratulations on surviving this many years. Here’s to life.


Lolly xo

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