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Holding on.

I walked out of the cottage to see my two daughters standing face to face with their arms around each other. They are in their 30s and not the best of friends so this sight caught my eye. They weren’t just giving a hug, they were being a hug. I stopped. They looked over.

“We thought we really needed to hug each other after not seeing each other for so long.”

A post-COVID moment. A good post-COVID moment that speaks to the pain of separation these past 16 or so months. Things that we took for granted, we really missed. People we didn’t even like all that much, we now are happy to see.

And then there are the harder post-COVID moments. The losses of this time: people who have died, the inability to have funeral/memorial services to honor them. The loss of older parents’ cognitive status. The deterioration of people’s physical and mental health during this time of isolation. The loss of a sense of normalcy and ordinariness, say nothing of jobs, homes, and businesses.

What is our world going to be like in this post-COVID time? We are fortunate to be thinking of post-COVID as so many places in the larger world are still in the throes of this pandemic.

I have found myself disoriented after all these months of isolation. I am an introvert at heart and did not suffer too much from the isolation and shut down of activities. And I find gearing back up to “normal” social activity takes a toll on me. I went to visit my sisters in Michigan recently and came home feeling like I had been hit by a truck. It was a great visit but talking to 8 people over the course of two days in person and having no down time to myself was more non-Zoom socializing than I had done in the past year and a half! Did me right in.

I find my clients are struggling to make their appointments. One day I had two unrelated people tell me that they had forgotten the appointment and were, as a matter of fact, in a different state.

We are all in different states of mind than we are used to being. It is an adjustment. We want things to go back to normal but we don’t really know what normal we might want. Or maybe we don’t want things to go back to normal now that we have had an experience of something completely different.

And you. You are still precious. You are still you. You are still valued. Even when you are feeling lost. Or have lost something in the past months. Even if you are unemployed or trying to figure out this new way of living. Be gentle with yourself. This is a crazy upside-down world right now. We will figure it out. We will go on. We will find a new way.

And maybe we will be in a hug. Holding onto that which is more precious than we knew.

Love and hugs,

Lolly xo

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