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Meet the Maker: An Interview with Melanie Jansen aka Lolly

In an effort to introduce myself to some of my newest customers and social media followers it seemed like a great time to do a little interview with my friend and collaborator, Amber, about my all-natural skincare brand, Lolly Butter.

In lieu of my traditional blog post for March, I'm offering this interview, and welcome readers to leave their questions in a comments section here or, via the post about this blog entry on Lolly Butter's Instagram - here we go...

Amber: "Alrighty! Tell me about yourself in 3 sentences of less!"

Melanie aka Lolly: "I was born in Africa and have travelled through life to be the grandma of the best kids in the world, Teddy and Lydia. I’m a mom, a daughter, a sister, a former nurse, a massage therapist and now, Lolly. And I am still becoming the person I am hoping to be."

Amber: "Wow! It seems like you've lived many lifetimes, Melanie. Can you share something about growth related to your first year as the founder/owner of Lolly Butter?"

Melanie aka Lolly: "The first year of Lolly Butter has challenged me to pursue what I want and to determine what kind of person I want to be. It has been a journey in exploration, and facing my fears."

Amber: "It's inspiring that you share that you've facing your fears about starting this business, and are moving full steam ahead. That's awesome. Can you tell me a little bit about the "why" of your brand, why do you want folks to try your product?"

Melanie aka Lolly: "Lolly Butter is something special. It meets a need that many commercially produced products don’t because it is natural, it is oil based and it is made with all the care I have to give. I want people to have the experience of finding that Lolly Butter soothes their skin in a way nothing else has done—in a long lasting, softening way. I want people to feel comfortable in their skin. Literally."

Amber: "What do you hope people will get from using your product?"

Melanie aka Lolly: "I hope that Lolly Butter will solve a problem for people; a problem that they haven’t been able to solve until now. And I hope that in getting that need met, they will feel cared for."

Amber: "I respect that you put so much love into Lolly Butter. I love that you list it as the "not so secret" ingredient. Looking ahead in 2021, is there a goal that you're striving to achieve?"

Melanie aka Lolly: "One of my goals for 2021 is trying to experience and spread loving kindness to the people around me and the people I meet this year. I want to be less judgmental and more compassionate."

With Love, Lolly xo

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