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October and Uncertainty

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So fall has arrived. A change of season in full swing. Colors of the trees change, temperatures change, clothes change (what do I wear for 50 degrees??).

Some things don’t change. Well, Lolly Butter doesn’t change. It is still that great skin care product that it has been from day one.

The other thing that doesn’t change is how everything is always changing. I used to be all about change. If I had lived somewhere for more than 2 years, I was ready to move. If I grew comfortable with my life, I wanted to shake it up. I felt most comfortable being uncomfortable. I thought of it as “liking a challenge.”

Now that I’m a little older (but only a little), I find change to be more daunting. And there has been so much change in the past couple of years that really, I could use a little bit more of boring, ordinary life.

Maybe you could too. I could list the many things that have changed in everyone’s life but you know them. And you have your own list.

I’ve been reading Pema Chödrön’s book, Comfortable with Uncertainty. It’s a great book that I would highly recommend but just the title itself pretty much captures the essence of the contents. So many things are uncertain. Especially now in the pandemic times. How do we become comfortable with so much uncertainty?

Perhaps part of the answer is acceptance of the present. Acceptance that things are always changing. Acceptance that what is now will not always be. We want to hang on to the good things and get rid of the bad. We seem to be hardwired this way.

But what if we acknowledged that the good will not always be here and neither will the bad. Doing so allows us to appreciate the good for as long as we have it and at the same time, not to be consumed by the bad—it will pass. We will not always feel this bad. Be this scared. Hurt this much. And how wonderful it is to have those really great relationships, or that great job, or that wonderful place to live. Or even smaller perhaps, how good it is to see the sun. To feel the wind. To be alive. Even now.

I’m glad you are alive. Especially now.


Lolly xo

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