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Our Skin Defines Us

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

When I say that our skin defines us, I am not talking about the color or the texture. All skin colors are beautiful and are to be celebrated. I am talking about the actual boundary that our skin creates between us and the world.

Without our skin, we would be undefined and blobby. That’s a technical term, by the way. Our liquid parts would ooze out and our soft parts would lose their shape. So our skin creates a defining outline to our shape.

As we age that shape changes. Partly because the underlying tissue changes. The fascia which holds our skin to our frame becomes looser and the fat under our skin becomes thinner. The collagen in our skin also lets go a bit, which results in our skin sags and bags. It literally starts to droop. But even in it's newest form, it still maintains a boundary between us and the world.

Smooth, taut skin is praised. The softness of baby skin, the unblemished skin of youth. But our skin shows the path of our life as we pass through the years. We gather scars. And bumps. And darkened or lightened areas from damage or exposure. Sometimes it roughens. And eventually it sags on us all. But it is still us. It is still protecting us. And that is to be praised and honored.

Wear your skin proudly. Whatever it looks like because it is your protection, your boundary.


Lolly xo

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