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Removing Layers. Being you, in your own skin.

My granddaughter, due any day now, will arrive in her birthday suit. As do we all. Not a stitch on us when we enter the world. We are often clothed when we leave this world. What happens between the beginning and the end?

We arrive naked and defenseless and we leave clothed and defenseless. And in between we try our best to be more protected, more safe. We put layers on our skin. We cover it up. We put layers on our selves; we try to cover up. We pretend to be someone we are not. We act like we care about things that we don’t or vice versa. We judge who we are and find ourselves wanting.

One of the definitions of naked is “vulnerable.” As in, I feel naked without my cell phone with me. I feel exposed, undefended. As if I don’t have everything that I need to make it through my day. The word nude can mean a color - a light, tan color. If you are wearing nude-colored panty hose, you can see right through them. So to be naked or nude can mean to lack something that would provide protection or covering.

If we are lucky or we are brave or we feel safe, we might try to take off some of the protective layers that we have put on. We might try to be more honest about who we are. We might try to be seen just a little bit more. We might take a layer, or two, off. Become more of the person we were born to be and less the person we think looks good. Being you, in your skin, is a good thing. Be you.


Lolly xo

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