That Which You Feed, Grows

Skin. Designed to be resilient. It is pliable. Elastic. It literally bounces back if you pull it away

from your body. It rebounds.

As we age, its resilience fades a bit. It loses some of its elasticity and starts to sag. But for the

most part, it keeps on keeping on. It keeps on protecting us. Covering us. Even when we

develop wrinkles or moles or eczema.

More than just age makes it less resilient: not enough water intake, too much sun, too little

moisture. Neglect.

On a trip to Asheville, North Carolina with my sister recently, I came across a tree growing out

of a rock. Big old boulder with a small tree right in the middle. There was no soil on top of this

boulder and I can only imagine where the roots of this tree must have gone in order to find

nourishment. Because trees don’t grow without food. But there it was. Something was feeding

this tree.

Skin and you and me are just like that tree. We need to be fed and watered. Physically yes, but

also spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. It sounds silly, I know, to say that we need to

be fed and watered but I confess that I often forget that fact in the course of my days.

The things we feed, grow. The things we don’t feed, languish; whether that be your anger or

your love or your skin, it doesn’t matter.

Our self-love, our self-care, protects us. It makes us more resilient. We have more in the tank

when we are well fed and well cared for. We have more capacity to deal with the dings and cuts

of life. It helps us rebound after difficult circumstances.

Yes, take care of your skin—it’s designed to protect you. But also take care of you in all the

ways that you need—you deserve to be cared for well.


Lolly xo

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