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The Mystery of Healing Surrounds Us.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

The mystery of healing surrounds us. Sometimes we can point to something that has

healed us, like an antibiotic. We got an infection, we took an antibiotic and the

infection went away. How did the body do that? Sometimes we know, sometimes we

really don’t because sometimes the antibiotic doesn’t work. Why doesn’t it work? It

is a mystery. There is science behind antibiotics and other treatments of medicine

but healing isn’t just about science and medicine. It is about spirit and energy and

regeneration. It’s about moving toward life.

The Original Lolly Butter contains the essential oils of lavender and clary sage. There isn’t a lot of science backing up the properties of those essential oils but there is a lot of wisdom. Wisdom gleaned from centuries of use that has been passed down through time from person to person. Lavender scientifically speaking is a plant from the mint family—lavandula angustifulia. It is well known to be a calming scent but it also is known to stimulate cell growth, inhibit the growth of bacteria and act as an analgesic. It sooths pain and promotes restful sleep. Because of its regenerative property, it is great for helping heal skin.

Clary sage, also known as salina sclarea, also comes from the mint family. It is

known to improve one’s mood, easing depression. It can also assist with relief of

muscle aches, headaches, and digestive upset. Clary sage is one of the essentials oils

that also addresses issues related to women’s health like menstrual cramps and hot

flashes. Like lavender, it has antibacterial properties and promotes skin health.

The essence of lavender and clary sage come from the earth. They are grown in

soil, fed by the sun and watered by the rain. They draw their energy from sources of

life and share that life with us when we use them—when we smell their fragrance

and absorb their essence through our skin. We literally take them into us and they

become part of our being. When you use Lolly Butter, may they be a balm to you on

your way to the betterment of life.


Lolly xo

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