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Through Teddy's Eyes: The Power of Curiosity

"Lolly, look, look, look!” I hear this all the time from Teddy. (Or as he says it, “Yah-ee, yook, yook, yook!”) There is always something new to be seen, to explore, to learn in my grandson Teddy’s world. When I read him a story, he interrupts every sentence or so to ask the meaning of a word or picture.

“What does grain of sand mean?”

“What does betray mean?”

“Why is there a dog in the picture, there isn’t any dog in the story?”

It’s exhausting. And yet exhilarating. If I could only be so present to my life and what I am taking in and being told. He sees the world through new eyes, not through jaded, shaded eyes like mine. He notices the sharp points and the dark, unknown areas. The things he doesn’t understand and the things that look out of place.

Teddy came to visit me a couple of weekends ago after I had been vaccinated. He wanted to help me make Lolly Butter. For the first time. He wanted to know what we put in it and how we mix it together. And then he picked up an empty tin and said, “Lolly Butter. Butter because it’s butter and Lolly because Lolly makes it. “

Some things are simple.

Love to you all,

Lolly xo

Visit my Instagram here to see more of the sweet little videos from our Lolly Butter production day.

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