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Two Things to Know about Lolly Butter

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Never used Lolly Butter? Let me tell you about it and why this skin care balm belongs in your home, and better yet, on your skin.

First of all, Lolly Butter is all natural. That is a term you hear a lot today but what does it really mean? You could say that anything is natural if it exists. By all natural, I mean that Lolly Butter's ingredients come from either plants or bees.

Lolly Butter is comprised of four main ingredients; coconut oil, olive oil, Shea butter and beeswax. Coconut oil is harvested from mature coconuts that come from the coconut palm tree. Olive oil results from pressing whole olives. Shea butter springs from the oily kernels of the Shea (Karite) tree which is found only in Africa, and is naturally rich with vitamins A, E and F. And beeswax is secreted by honey bees to make the honeycomb. The fifth and final ingredient in most Lolly Butter is essential oil, which are added for their aromatic and botanical properties. An essential oil is extracted from distillation from a plant or plant part such a petal. For example, lavender essential oil is made through a process which involves distilling the flower buds, capturing the steam and condensing that steam into a liquid from the lavender plant. For individuals with sensitivities to fragrance, or certain botanicals, an unscented variety of Lolly Butter is also available for purchase.

That’s it. There are no added chemicals. There are no man made ingredients. No artificial colors, hardeners, nor softeners. It is so non toxic that you could almost eat it (although I wouldn’t recommend it). Truly and completely, 100% all natural.

Secondly, Lolly Butter is made with love, as a not-so-secret ingredient. This product isn’t made in a factory by a machine. It is made by hand with care and imbued with love. For you. Because you are you. Because you are beautiful. If I could reach out and give you a personal hug, I would. So this product is my hug for you. Be you. You are beautiful.


Lolly xo

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