SUMMER BUNDLE 1: (1) 2 oz. Summer Salve + (1) 2 oz.Unscented


Bundle #1: (1) 2 oz. Summertime Salve + (1) 2 oz. Unscented Lolly Butter 


- SUMMERTIME SALVE by Lolly Butter is enhanced with eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. Your summer skin will be nourished, while signaling to biting pests, like mosquitos, to buzz off!


- UNSCENTED Lolly Butter is made from all natural ingredients, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Our unscented version is free of essential oils. This version is ideal for sensitive skin.


All of our products come in a twist-to-close silver-metallic tin, with front and back Lolly Butter labels.


Please note: Our product container (metal tin) may differ slightly in style/color, depending on the production run, but the container color will always be metallic/silver. Color of the product (balm) varies slightly due to use of all natural ingredients + essential oils; pale yellow to honey yellow tones are common.

SUMMER BUNDLE 1: (1) 2 oz. Summer Salve + (1) 2 oz.Unscented

  • Lolly Butter - Unscented contains no essential oils.

    Lolly Butter - Summertime Salve contains lemongrass + eucalyptus essential oils.